Document Management

Document Management

One of the biggest benefits of cloud software is the ability to securely access information, from wherever in the world that you need to be.

Ravel Solutions will help you to implement leading cloud based document management that helps you to stay compliant, while getting the right information to the right people, faster than you can say “where is that document”.

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Information Accessibility

Whether ailments or cat videos, we can now access more information than we could ever consume. Yet employees still struggle to find information & documents that they need to do their job. Improve productivity with electronic document management.

Collaborative Teams

With the right collaboration tools, employees can now work on documents at the same time, while chatting to each other while in different locations. Improve communication & collaboration while reducing miscommunication.

Version Control

A good content management solutions will automatically track versions, with a full audit trail of who, what and when it the changes occured.

Data Capture

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows you to extract data from paper and electronic documents in order to reduce data entry.

Information Security

Accessing documents & data via the cloud doesn’t necessarily mean it is less secure. Prevent unwanted data leaks with a full audit trail of who accesses your information.

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