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Mobile Apps

Keep moving with our mobile integrations.

There are now hundreds of thousands of mobile apps on the market and aimed at helping businesses to communicate and collaborate with an ever growing workforce.

Company specific mobile apps allow your staff to access the information & forms that they require from one central location. Chat to Ravel Solutions about a company specific mobile app today.

Manage your business anytime, anywhere:

Faster Automation

By having a custom app for either your staff or customers to access, you are able to gather information when you need it most – triggering workflows, tasks and reminders.

Reduce Data Leakage

From eForms to task allocation, company specific apps can help to improve your processes so that your information doesn’t end up where it shouldn’t be.

Staff Satisfaction

Sometimes, employees judge a company by it’s innovation. With custom mobile apps, you are able to show your employees how much you value their input and be seen as ‘forward thinking’.

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