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Customer Relationship Management

From sales, marketing, finance, support & customer service – every person in your organisation who communicates with customers is part of the sales team. Therefore your CRM solution should be a fully integrated part of your business to ensure that every customer has the best experience, every time.

Job & Project Management

Winning customers is hard. Managing their jobs & projects shouldn’t be. Ravel Solutions will help you to to choose a Job Man“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. Whether you are managing the day-to-day or making strategic decisions, it is critical reporting that your CRM can provide you with the information that you need.agement solution that will help you to manage your teams, keep track of profitability and seamlessly invoice your customers on time.

Document Management

One of the biggest benefits of cloud software is the ability to securely access information, from wherever in the world that you need to be.

Ravel Solutions will help you to implement leading cloud based document management that helps you to stay compliant, while getting the right information to the right people, faster than you can say “where is that document”.

Electronic Forms

If you are like most businesses, your compliance processes are driven by paper forms. From incident reports, staff applications, safety checklists to contractor management – there is an easier way to manage your processes while staying compliant. All from your mobile phone or laptop.

Mobile Apps

There are now hundreds of thousands of mobile apps on the market and aimed at helping businesses to communicate and collaborate with an ever growing workforce.

Company specific mobile apps allow your staff to access the information & forms that they require from one central location. Chat to Ravel Solutions about a company specific mobile app today.

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